Postman is a tool for easily calling REST API endpoints. PaySimple has created a collection containing executable API sample calls.

1. Get Postman

Download the Postman app for Mac, Windows and Linux and install:

2. Get the PaySimple API Test Collection

Download the PaySimple API Test collection and open it in Postman:

3. Set Collection Level Variables


Edit the collection options


Click on the right tab "Variables"

Under "Current Value"

  1. For key "auth_header", enter your "reseller" followed by a space followed by your Sandbox reseller key
  2. For key "merchant_id", enter your test sandbox merchant id

4. Explore and try different endpoints

The collection contains all endpoints that should be relevant to a ISV implementing the Payments API.

Some collection requests and folders have tests that set variables after calls are made. You can also set the variables manually to values using environment or collection level variables.