To get a copy of our SDK, please contact our partner team at [[email protected]](🔗)

Minimum Supported iOS Version

iOS 9

  • Copy the PaySimpleMobile.framework and triPOSMobileSDK.framework files into the root directory of your application project folder.

  • In the Application General Settings import the frameworks as an Embedded Library.

  • Make sure the framework files appear in the following places for the Application Target:

General Settings - Embedded Binaries General Settings - Linked Frameworks and Libraries Build Phases - Link Binary With Libraries Build Phases - Embed Frameworks

  • Ensure the framework search paths are correct for your project in Build Settings

  • In Build Phases add a new Run Script. This script is required to strip simulator architectures from your release build for the App Store.

  • **iDyanmo Only** In info.plist add the following item for "Supported external accessory protocols"

  • com.magtek.idynamo

  • In the files you wish to use the SDK, import the SDK with #import <PaySimpleMobileSDK/PaySimpleMobileSDK.h>

  • Access the SDK through the PsSDK type