The PaySimple Payments API is a high performance, scalable REST API purpose-built for partners requiring payment gateway functionality.

_Please do not code to this API if you have not talked through your specific business requirements with a PaySimple representative._

### Payments API offers several features not found in API v4:

  1. Partial refunds

  2. Card verification

  3. Address verification service (AVS)

  4. Compatibility with encrypted card swipers: IdTech (USB) and iDynamo (iOS)

  5. Supports a select set of advanced POS devices, allowing collection of payments via swipe, EMV, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

  6. Account updater

### Payments API does not yet offer some features of API v4, including:

  1. Payments will not be displayed in the PaySimple product.

  2. Payment webhooks will not be fired

  3. Only WorldPay, Stripe, and Forte credit card processors are supported.

# API Reference

**[Payments API Reference Guide](🔗)**