The PaySimple Sandbox is a test environment that is designed to simulate our active production environment. It is a safe environment in which to test API connectivity and functionality.

Payments processed in the Sandbox environment are routed to test authorization and capture servers which are designed to behave in the same manner as our production servers. However, none of the transactions will be submitted for processing, and no funds will be transferred.

Obtaining Sandbox Credentials

Since the Sandbox mimics an active production environment, the same authentication requirements apply and you will need to obtain a PaySimple sandbox account in order to use it. To do this, contact our API Support Team at [email protected] with the following information:

  • The email address you would like associated with your account.
  • The type of transactions you want to process:
    Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and/or Discover
    ACH: PPD, CCD, TEL, and/or WEB
  • A request to generate a Sandbox 4.0 API Key

A PaySimple API Support team member will contact you with the sandbox API Username, the sandbox API Key (a Shared Secret for Server‐to Server authentication), as well as credentials that you can use to access the PaySimple Sandbox web‐based UI, from which you can view customers, payments created via the API.

Test Card and Account Numbers


It is against PCI rules to use live account numbers in test environments. Please be certain that you only use test account numbers in the PaySimple sandbox environment.

The following Credit Card and ACH Account Numbers can be used for test transaction processing in the Sandbox environment.
Note: You will only be able to process transaction types for which your Sandbox account is enabled.
Note: The expiration dates on the test cards below can be any date. "12/2023" below are just example values.

Test Credit Cards

Credit Card TypeCard NumberExpiration DateCVV2 Code
American Express37144963539845612/2023996

Test Bank Accounts

Routing NumberAccount NumberBank Name
131111114751111111PaySimple Bank
307075259751111111PaySimple Bank
325272034751111111PaySimple Bank

What’s Next

After you've completed testing your code on Sandbox, you're ready for Production!