When testing or developing against the Sandbox environment, it is often helpful to generate payment errors to ensure your code handles these properly.

By entering an amount in the $9999.XX range as specified for each payment processor below, you can generate the error code specified. Refer to Payment Failure Codes for a list of possible errors.


Most merchants are set up for credit card processing using TSYS and Forte for ACH. If you are unsure which processor you use, contact your PaySimple support representative.

Credit Card Processors


AmountError CodeDescription
9999.014005Do Not Honor
9999.024007Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)
9999.034014Invalid card number
9999.044054Invalid Expiration Date
9999.054041Lost card, pick up (fraud account)
9999.30Unpaid / Failed - An unknown error has occurred

Global Payments

AmountError CodeDescription
9999.014005Do Not Honor
9999.024004Pick up Card (no Fraud)
9999.044003Invalid Merchant ID
9999.054226There is an error with your account configuration.
9999.084220CVV2 Value supplied is invalid

Worldpay Express

AmountError CodeDescription
1.054058Transaction not permitted-Terminal
0.244004Pick up Card (no Fraud)
0.214054Invalid Expiration Date
0.204007Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)
9999.06Unknown - Payment: Payment encountered a communication/technical issue
9999.07Unknown - Refund: An unknown error occurred while processing your request

ACH Processors


AmountError CodeDescription
9999.014504Merchant's daily limit exceeded
9999.024507Customer account is in the "known bad" account list.
9999.034503Merchant monthly limit exceeded (EFT only).
9999.044506Duplicate transaction
9999.054502Merchant's maximum transaction amount exceeded
9999.064510Invalid Merchant ID or Password - Contact customer service
9999.074501Account ABA number is invalid.
9999.12Unpaid / Failed - An unknown error has occurred


AmountError CodeDescription
9999.014506Duplicate transaction
9999.024523Previously open account has been closed
9999.034524No Account/unable to locate account
9999.044525Account holder has stopped payment on this single transaction
9999.074526Account number structure is invalid