Postman is a tool for easily calling REST API endpoints. PaySimple has created a collection containing executable API sample calls.

1. Get Postman

Download the Postman app for Mac, Windows and Linux and install:

2. Get the PaySimple API Test Collection

Download the PaySimple API Test collection and open it in Postman:

3. Set Environment Variables


Click on the Manage Environment button in the top right corner


Add a new environment called PaySimple Sandbox

Set key url to value

Set keys userId and apiKey to your PaySimple Sandbox credentials.

Click the Add button in the bottom right
Click the X at the top of the Mange Environments Dialog

3. Select the PaySimple Sandbox environment


Choose "PaySimple Sandbox" from the environments selector at the top of the screen.

4. Execute common scenarios

In the PaySimple API v4 Collection contains several folders with requests for common scenarios:

  1. Make payment with new customer
    Creates a customer, creates a credit card account, makes a payment, retrieves the payment, voids the payment, makes another payment that is declined

  2. Make payment and refund
    Makes a payment with customer created in step 1, settles it (simulated for test) and issues a refund

  3. Schedules
    Executes all Recurring Payment calls

  4. Customer
    Executes all Customer endpoints

As the input of most api calls depend on the output of a previous call, they must be executed sequentially.

You can also run all of the scenarios using Postman collection runner (click 'Run Collection' from the' View More Actions' ellipsis or the Runner button at the bottom).