Indicates the current state of the Payment object.

Credit card payments and refunds that have been authorized, but not yet submitted for processing.

An ACH payment being disputed by the customer.

Attempted transactions that were never authorized or completed.

The initial stage for every transaction sent for authorization. The system assigns this status while waiting for an authorization response. In some rare cases, if communication is disrupted before the system gets a response, the transaction will remain in the Pending status. Displays as "Unknown" in the PaySimple UI.

Credit Card and ACH payments that have been entered in the system, but not yet settled. This is the initial status for an authorized but unsettled ACH transaction.

A settled Credit Card or ACH refund transaction. Displays as "Refund Settled" in the PaySimple UI.

ACH payments that were initially posted but ultimately unsuccessful for any reason other than non-sufficient funds or chargeback.

A transaction that has been reversed (refunded). When a settled transaction is refunded, the status of that transaction changes to Reversed. Displays as status "Refunded" in the PaySimple UI.

An ACH transaction that failed because the customer had insufficient funds in the account to cover the payment. Displays as "Returned (NSF)" in the PaySimple UI.

The credit transaction generated when a settled ACH transaction is refunded. When the refund settles, the status changes to RefundSettled. Displays as "Refund (Posted)" in the PaySimple UI.

A settled ACH or Credit Card payment.

A voided ACH or Credit Card transaction.