Successful Status Codes (2XX)

Status CodeStatusDescription
200OKThe request was successful.
201CreatedThe resource was successfully created. Confirms a success when creating a new object.
203Non-authoritative InformationThe response is showing information for a deleted object.
204No ContentThe request was successful and there is no response body.

Client Error Status Codes (4XX)

Status CodeStatusDescription
400Bad RequestInvalid Input. ErrorCode and ErrorMessage are provided to detail required information or error reason.
401UnauthorizedError getting an API token. Check your authentication credentials and resubmit. NOTE: A JSON response will not be returned only the HTTP header will be shown
403ForbiddenPermission is denied to perform this action
404Not FoundThe requested information cannot be found. It may not exist or may have been deleted.
405Method Not AllowedThe requested method/verb (e.g. GET/PUT/POST) is not allowed or supported for the specified object.

Server Error Status Codes (5XX)

Status CodeStatusDescription
500Internal Server ErrorSystem Error - Try again. If the error persists, contact PaySimple API Support for assistance.