Voids the payment of the specified id.

Any successfully authorized payment that has not yet been submitted as part of an end-of-day batch can be voided.

Statuses for voidable payments are:

  1. Authorized Credit card payments and refunds that have been authorized,
    but not yet submitted for processing. Any credit card payment with this status can be voided.

  2. Posted for ACH Payments only, and only prior to the ACH batch cut-off time. Credit Card payments with this status cannot be voided.

  3. ReversePosted The credit transaction generated when a settled ACH transaction is refunded. (Note that this status displays as “Refund (Posted)”
    in the PaySimple UI.)

The CanVoidUntil property in any payment response provides the date until which the transaction can be voided.

Credit Card transactions can typically be voided until 11PM Eastern Time and ACH transactions can typically be voided until 5PM Eastern Time on the CanVoidUntil date.