Card-Present Devices

Devices described on this page are available only to merchants on the WorldPay processing platform

PaySimple offers the following device for accepting card present transactions.

Link 2500EMV (dip), swipe, key enter, ApplePay/GooglePayWireless, mobileWiFi

Supporting Devices in your Software

Device registration

  1. Connect your device to power and an ethernet connection
  2. An activation code will appear on the screen
  3. Call the Activate endpoint with the activation code displayed on the screen. You can also enter a idle_message which will display on the screen whenever it is not asking for customer card input. The description field is used for your identification of the device only.
  4. Store the device_id in the response in your database, along with a description so you can identify it later.

Collecting a payment via the device

  1. In your application, create a way for a user to select a particular device or register it with the device running your software.
  2. From your server, call the Sale endpoint with the selected device_id and other payment details. If you wish to allow the user to optionally key enter the card, set allow_manual_entry to true.

How it works

  • Calling the sale, credit or vault endpoints will "wake up" the device and ask for user input.
  • The user can choose to swipe, dip, tap or key-enter.
  • When the user completes input, the endpoint will return a JSON response.


Do I need to open up a port in my firewall or make any other changes on my network to support devices?

In most cases, no. Devices keep open an outgoing connection to servers to keep configuration to a minimum.

Can I use the device with a mobile (iOS/Android) application?

You can. However, devices must be connected directly to the internet via ethernet or wifi. Connections directly through the device (e.g. Bluetooth) or over mobile networks are not supported at this time. All payment requests are made from the server application.

Can I collect a tip using the device?

Yes. Populate the tip section on the Sale request.

Are the calls to the device endpoints synchronous?

Yes. PaySimple recommends setting your connection timeout on calls to device Sale, Credit and Vault to 6 minutes to allow for user interaction. Using asynchronous non-blocking io is suggested in your API to prevent scalability issues.

How do I cancel once the device has been woken up on the device Sale, Credit and Vault endpoints?

The only way to cancel user input once the endpoint has been called is to press the red cancel button on the device.