Processing on Forte

Forte Credit Card Processing

The following features are not supported when processing credit card transactions with Forte:

  1. On the sale endpoint:
    a. Allow partial approvals cannot be set. This is set on the merchant with Forte.
    b. Setting the customer statement (soft descriptor) per payment is not supported.
    c. Capture setting must be set to completed_sale
  2. Card-present devices Verifone MX915, Ingenico iSMP4, Ingenico IPP320 and IdTech swiper are not supported.
  3. Account updater is not supported
  4. Looking up a transaction by batch id is not supported.
  5. Fields related to the Visa & Mastercard Card on File Mandate are not currently available with Forte. The inclusion of any “Card on File” specific properties in a request will result in an error. This card brand requirement will be implemented by Forte in the future.

Forte ACH Processing

Once your sandbox account is enabled and test transactions are being run, please email [email protected] to request that the transaction status is updated.