Stripe - Credit Card

For detailed endpoints, please view our API Reference:
Payments API - CC Endpoints

There are important differences that must be accounted for when processing with Stripe.


  1. Stripe has processing amount limits that must be from $0.50 to $999,999.99
  2. Card Not Present
    1. The sale endpoint will not support the following features. They can be passed in but will be ignored
      1. allow_partial_approvals
      2. confirm_original_amount
      3. allow_debit
      4. allow_manual_entry
      5. prompt_for_signature
      6. Tipping functionality within the PaySimple API will not work with Stripe:
        1. option_type percent/amount values are ignored (always percentage)
        2. options passed in values are ignored (default are 15%, 20% and 25%)
        3. display_other_amount boolean is ignored, custom amount is always displayed
        4. tip_amount parameter response will always be present regardless if tip options were passed in the request.
    2. The tip_adjustment endpoint
      1. Will not accept values that are less than or equal to the original authorized amount.
      2. Cards from American Express will overcharge rather than true tip adjustment for authorization
    3. The credit endpoint is not supported with Stripe at this time
      1. This extends to the device credit endpoint as well.
  3. Card Present
    1. API
      1. Stripe cannot currently support a card-present transaction through their API and will only support it with payments made through Terminal devices OR they can be supported via api as card not present. This impacts Payments API sale - sale_type property.
      2. If cardpresent is attempted via API on a non-stripe device, it will be ran as CardNotPresent.
    2. Devices
      1. Device Endpoints
        1. The Activate Device and Update Device endpoints
          1. While using PaySimple API’s to Activate or Update a device you can pass idle_message to update the message displayed on the device. Stripe terminals do not display an idle message, this value will be ignored.
        2. Delete Device Endpoint
          1. Once the Delete endpoint is called for a terminal, the terminal must be restarted to show a new activation code.
        3. Vault Device and Sale Device
          1. The Device Vault Endpoint and Device Sales Endpoint will not contain the cardholder_name in the response:
            1. New Stripe customers created will be visible in the Stripe Dashboard
            2. Account Holder name will carry over to PaySimple Product (Xenon) grid, if available – exceptions are as follows:
              1. Contactless
              2. Wallet thru mobile device
              3. Swipe (Stripe uses track 2 data – only digits)
      2. Device Hardware
        1. The Stripe Devices supported at this time are:
          1. Stripe Reader M2
          2. BBPOS WISEPOS E.
        2. Unencrypted Devices are still supported, such as the MagTek Dynamag USB swiper
        3. Rambler, iDynamo (iOS) and uDynamo (Android) are still supported
        4. Verifone MX915, Ingenico iSMP4, Ingenico IPP320 and IDTech swiper are not supported.
  4. The Stripe supported refund window is 180 days.
  5. PaySimple Card Account Updater (CAU) is not needed. Cards stored in the Stripe vault will automatically be updated.

What’s Next

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