Processing on Stripe

Stripe Payments

PaySimple supports Stripe credit card and ACH payments via our APIs. More information can be found on these within the Stripe - Credit Card and Stripe - ACH sections of this documentation.


Stripe does not currently support Credit transactions. Because of this, the credit option is not available. The Issue Credit/Refund option is also missing from Customer profiles action drop down menu in the PaySimple product.


When running transactions with Stripe, the user account will accrue an account balance which will be paid out over time. Payouts with Stripe will payout in 2 Business Day’s. When a transaction is marked as paid payout, the transaction will appear as Settled in PaySimple. A settled transaction can be voided or refunded.


When initiating a refund with Stripe, Stripe references the existing transaction and refunds it. What this means is that the user will not see an additional refunded charge in the Stripe dashboard for the refund as they would in PaySimple. Stripe’s dashboard updates the transaction to be refunded, while PaySimple creates a new transaction and links it to the original charge.

Partial Approvals

Stripe does not support Partial Approvals currently. Official support for partial authorizations will be added in 2023. If attempting to use a card with a limited balance on it, such as a visa gift card, it will be declined. For more information on an alternative solution for supporting gift cards, please contact PaySimple.

Stripe Onboarding FAQ

Stripe Onboarding is the process that a potential customer takes to sign up for Stripe Payments. This can be done one of two ways. By filling out an application for the Stripe Sign Up page, or by using a 3rd party partner form. Both will take the user to Stripe’s onboarding process where they will be prompted to create a Stripe account and fill out personal and business details.

There is meta data required to be sent in the onboarding request. This information can be provided by the PaySimple Operations team upon request.

How can I test the onboarding workflow in Sandbox?

When testing the onboarding in Sandbox, environment meta data must also be sent as environment = sbx.

This will send as unified type: curl -X POST "" \ -u 'REPLACE_WITHYOURSECRETKEY': \ -H "Stripe-Version: 2020-08-27; unified_accounts__beta=v1" \ -d "country"="US" \ -d "controller[application][loss_liable]"="false" \ -d "controller[application][pricing_controls]"="true"

Will a Lead/Account be created in Salesforce for the Stripe Merchant?

Yes, a lead will be created for a Stripe merchant after filling out the PaySimple part of an application from the Stripe sign up page. A lead will also be created from the partner form, but only after the user has completed the Stripe Onboarding portion of the application.

Will there be any features missing from a Stripe Salesforce Account?

Yes, Stripe merchants in Salesforce will be missing the following links:

  1. Reagree
  2. Free Trial
  3. Continue App

What kind of documents will be available in the Manage Docs link?

Proof of Signature.

When does a Stripe Merchant get enabled and created in PaySimple's system?

After entering an email and password during the Stripe Onboarding process an account will be created in Stripe as a “Connect” Account. This account can be seen from the PaySimple Platform account. The account will have a status associated with it that will inform PaySimple what exactly needs to be done to get the account to a Completed status. Once the account is in a Completed status, a client will be created with all the account information carried over. The Client will be enabled for Credit Cards and ACH (Automated Clearing House) and will have the Stripe Account ID preconfigured.