Payments API Overview

The PaySimple Payments API is a high performance, scalable REST API purpose-built for partners requiring payment gateway functionality.

Please do not code to this API if you have not talked through your specific business requirements with a PaySimple representative.

Payments API offers several features not found in API v4:

  1. Partial refunds
  2. Card verification
  3. Address verification service (AVS)
  4. Compatibility with encrypted card swipers: IdTech (USB) and iDynamo (iOS)
  5. Supports a select set of advanced POS devices, allowing collection of payments via swipe, EMV, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  6. Account updater

Payments API does not yet offer some features of API v4, including:

  1. Payments will not be displayed in the PaySimple product.
  2. Payment webhooks will not be fired
  3. Only WorldPay, Stripe, and Forte credit card processors are supported.

API Reference

Payments API Reference Guide